Welcome to the African Food & Drinks Festival, a periodical event dedicated to promoting and celebrating African food culture to a global audience. This festival is a subsidiary of the African Food Network, an organization committed to showcasing the diversity and richness of African cuisine.

At the African Food & Drinks Festival, we are passionate about showcasing the incredible culinary diversity of the African continent. Our festival is a gathering of food enthusiasts, chefs, restaurateurs, and anyone who appreciates the beauty and flavors of African food. We showcase the best African cuisine with food exhibitions and showcases from different countries across the continent. Our festival is a melting pot of flavors, aromas, and textures that will take you on a culinary journey through Africa.

One of our primary goals is to promote African cuisine to a global audience. Through the African Food & Drinks Festival, we provide a platform for chefs, restaurateurs, and food entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and products to an international audience. Our festival provides a unique opportunity for food enthusiasts from around the world to come together, learn about African cuisine, and experience the flavors and culture of Africa.

In addition to the food exhibitions and showcases, we host food competitions, live cultural music performances, and cooking demonstrations. Our festival offers a unique opportunity to explore African cuisine, learn about the ingredients, and immerse yourself in the culture. Whether you are a food lover, a chef, or a restaurateur, the African Food & Drinks Festival has something for you.

Our maiden edition of the festival was held in 2021 in Abuja, Nigeria, and it was a huge success with over 5000 people in attendance. Building on the success of our maiden edition, we held the African Food & Drinks Festival in Ghana and Abuja again in 2022, attracting an even bigger crowd with over 10000 people in attendance.

Today, the African Food & Drinks Festival is one of the largest celebrations of African food in the world. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we believe that there is still so much more to do. Our festival is not just a celebration of African cuisine; it is a movement to promote African cuisine to a global audience.

We are passionate about African food and believe that it has the potential to take the world by storm. Join us at the African Food & Drinks Festival and be part of the movement to promote African cuisine to a global audience. Experience the richness and diversity of African cuisine and culture, and join us in celebrating the beauty of African food.

Our Aim

Showcase Our Culinary Experience

Our event line-up showcases the best of all our favorite local, regional, and international chefs, restaurants, and food vendors attending to a buzzing food enthusiastic crowd. This promotes our culture more to a larger audience.

Celebrate Africa's Cultural Diversity

Because we are slowly losing our unique cultural perspectives, our event contains various cultural displays that sensitize the cosmopolitan audience with the feeling of connection to our common roots and oneness.

Boost Local SME's

Our event connects numerous small businesses involved in the sale and production of food related items to an international audience of food lovers hence providing economical gain.

Promote Tourism

We leave in a globalization era. Our event focuses on bringing vast international audience to hence increasing the ability for tourists to immerse themselves in our beautiful and diverse culture.

Event Features

Chef Live Cookout

Top chef would demonstrate their skills, celebrating diversity through food and culture. Guest can engage, receive gifts, and learn recipes during 30-45 minute sessions. Unforgettable culinary experience with African flavors.

Battle of The Chefs

Rising Chefs compete in challenging culinary contests, presenting a variety of both local and international cuisines to win several gifts and cash prizes courtesy of our sponsors, while our esteemed top judges provide valuable feedback.

Eating Competition

Participants can compete in an eating competition, consuming large quantities of food within a short time. Open to all with a big appetite, they have the opportunity to win incredible prizes.

Influencers Challenge

Food bloggers, YouTubers, chefs, and entertainers engage in thrilling food-related challenges as fans cheer them on. These challenges prioritize safety and ensure no harm to the participants.

Our Past Editions


On October 9th, 2022, Abuja experienced the most significant food festival at Harrow Park with over 10,000 guests in attendance to experience history. It was a mouth-watering experience, with family and friends all in attendance, afro-themed food stands, and a host of other exciting local vendors.